About the Captioned Telephone

Traditional Caption Phone

Even though the world of communication has evolved with email, text messaging and video chat, the standard phone call is still one of the most common ways to speak to people over long distances. While a majority of the world owns a telephone, not everyone can hear the other call participant well enough to effectively communicate. Hearing loss can make a phone call quite difficult for one or both parties, but the good news is that there’s a unique type of technology that combines the ease of using a phone with the simplicity of reading a written message. Captioned telephones allow you to make and receive calls while simultaneously presenting a message that you can read.


Captioned Telephone Fundamentals

You are probably already familiar with captions on your TV and many people with a degree of hearing loss turn on those captions to follow their favorite television shows. Captioned telephones work on the same principle by displaying the words that the person on the other end of the telephone line is saying on a built-in display. You can still listen to their voice, but the words on the screen give you the added benefit of reading the words as well.

Using these phones is similar to using traditional phones with the only difference being the integrated display that shows word for word captions whenever the other person speaks. This allows you to read what he or she is saying to ensure that you’re able to understand what’s said throughout the entire conversation. You’ll have no problem carrying on a complete conversation while using a Captioned Telephone.

Choosing & Installing Your Captioned Telephone

Touchscreen Caption Phone

Types of Captioned Telephones generally fall into two main categories: traditional and touchscreen. The traditional variety is suited for people who appreciate the look and feel of a standard telephone. It looks like most common corded phones and menus are navigated with large buttons. The Captioned Telephone with touchscreen, as the name would indicate, utilizes a touchscreen display for menu navigation and has a more modern appearance.

You’ll be relieved to know that these phones are very easy to install too. Replacing your old standard phone with your new Captioned Telephone is a snap! All you need is a high-speed Internet connection, telephone service and electrical power. Generally, installing the Captioned Telephone is an easy process, and if needed, installation support is available to you.

The Captioning Service

Hearing loss shouldn’t keep you from using the phone. You want to keep up with your friends and family members without misunderstanding them and a Captioned Telephones allow you to do just that. They give you all the benefits of a traditional telephone, only now you can also read the conversation to make sure that you’re not missing a thing. Captions will display clearly and accurately - there’s no need to let hearing loss keep you away from the phone any longer.


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